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Out of the bottle...75th anniversary

Dusty squash court frat antics at U of Chicago, 2 December 1942 memorialized with carbon, intelligence, speculation and uranium into a Henry Moore bronze (vimeo album link below)

well, then it takes some clicking and flicking and breathing in and out to get through these seratted clips, 15 crammed together, some less than ten, coun' 'em skeptics mi amigos, 10 seconds.  comments even to this limping-but-upright seventy-five year old.  happy b'day  (bomb day)? *amended 6/17/17*

then, lyrical epilogues three

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


If we can widen the range of experiences beyond what we as individuals have encountered, if we can draw upon the experiences of others who've had to confront comparable situations in the past, then - although there are no guarantees - our chances of acting wisely should increase proportionately. 
E. H. Car, historian
revised May 20, 2017

Shelter, Gimme

Oh, a storm is threat'nin
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away
War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
Ooh, see the fire is sweepin'
Our very street today
Burns like a red coal carpet
Mad bull lost its way

Rolling Stones

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NB If you will, clink around other posts on this blog for Fred Keck, solar architecture, mid-century shelter, cooperatives. Another overdue melange on Lucille Lieberman Keck and Mabel Phytian Tylecote in preparation.

Luce Irigaray
Comment Habiter Durablement Ensemble?
Wandering to the Source of the Intimate
"Another era of speech is opening. In which it lets itself put in question with a view to dialogue, dialogues. It is no longer only speech which allots to the subjects, from what is hidden in its interlacings, the task of realizing an appropriate denomination., giving to them and taking from them the word by a gesture alone."  on the next page, "The subject then accepts being unsheltered."
(Not surprisingly, she plunges to architecture and social aspects in the link above.)
A 'Feminestodes'
"Even if women somehow gain power, there's still going to be some demographic that is the powerless, some demographic that is exploited and oppressed, because that's how our society functions. And so the only way to create true equality, not just for women but for everyone, is to found our society in some other idea, in some other structure. That to me is much more interesting, and much more necessary, than just putting more women on the board of Facebook."
Writer Jessa Crispin rejects today's mainstreamed, neoliberal feminism, and calls for a return to feminism's radical promise:  a radically reorganized society.
She wrote the book Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto from Melville House.
(see Irigaray and Edith Stein et al, Dave Chapelle, even)

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Noam Chomsky's erudition, wisdom, humor and activist lifetime are peppered throughout such outlets as youtube and so many others.  

The Self and Others, R.D. Laing, 1961 (full edition online somewhere)

The Divided Self, R.D. Laing

Gore Vidal video, October 2000.  Twins/selves, psychiatry, death, New York, Anthony Clare, mothers, marriage, sex, etc.  Radio interview, 41:00 + "All romantic stories end at Juliet's tomb."
Then George Simonet and his family cook story.

“Like innocence and hope for all  mankind, I number it now among the lostings”.
Endeavour, BBC, 2016

Carl Sandburg, Smoke and Steel, 1922
Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind
                                                   The past is a bucket of ashes.
The woman named Tomorrow  
sits with a hairpin in her teeth  
and takes her time  
and does her hair the way she wants it  
and fastens at last the last braid and coil 
and puts the hairpin where it belongs  
and turns and drawls: Well, what of it?  
My grandmother, Yesterday, is gone.  
What of it? Let the dead be dead.  
The doors were cedar
and the panels strips of gold  
and the girls were golden girls  
and the panels read and the girls chanted:  
  We are the greatest city,  
  the greatest nation:
  nothing like us ever was.  
The doors are twisted on broken hinges.  
Sheets of rain swish through on the wind  
  where the golden girls ran and the panels read:  
  We are the greatest city,
  the greatest nation,  
  nothing like us ever was.  
It has happened before.  
Strong men put up a city and got  
  a nation together,
And paid singers to sing and women  
  to warble: We are the greatest city,  
    the greatest nation,  
    nothing like us ever was.  
And while the singers sang
and the strong men listened  
and paid the singers well  
and felt good about it all,  
  there were rats and lizards who listened  
  … and the only listeners left now
  … are … the rats … and the lizards.  
And there are black crows  
crying, “Caw, caw,"  
bringing mud and sticks  
building a nest
over the words carved  
on the doors where the panels were cedar  
and the strips on the panels were gold  
and the golden girls came singing:  
  We are the greatest city,
  the greatest nation:  
  nothing like us ever was.  
The only singers now are crows crying, “Caw, caw,"  
And the sheets of rain whine in the wind and doorways.  
And the only listeners now are … the rats … and the lizards.
The feet of the rats  
scribble on the door sills;  
the hieroglyphs of the rat footprints  
chatter the pedigrees of the rats  
and babble of the blood
and gabble of the breed  
of the grandfathers and the great-grandfathers  
of the rats.  
And the wind shifts  
and the dust on a door sill shifts
and even the writing of the rat footprints  
tells us nothing, nothing at all  
about the greatest city, the greatest nation  
where the strong men listened  
and the women warbled: Nothing like us ever was. 

Consider the human history of shelter 
from reed roofs to wooden shakes. connect the dots.
Inserted April 14, 2017 
Iaseh Md Rian, Mario Sassone, 2014 Tree-inspired dendriforms and fractal-like branching structures in architecture: A brief historical overview
The shapes of trees are complex and fractal-like, and they have a set of physical, mechanical and biological functions. The relation between them always draws attention of human beings throughout history and, focusing on the relation between shape and structural strength, architects have designed a number of treelike structures, referred as dendriforms. The replication and adoption of the treelike patterns for constructing architectural structures have been varied in different time periods based on the existing and advanced knowledge and available technologies.

See Duncan House, Flossmoor, Illinois, 1941. George Fred Keck, architect  No photos online yet of curving interior beams) Hugh Dalziel Duncan, Culture and Democracy: The struggle for form in society and architecture in Chicago and the Middle West during the life and times of Louis H. Sullivan, 1965, The Bedminster Press, USA 

House of Tomorrow, 1933, Fred Keck, Chicago (soon to be the 'New House of Tomorrow' for restoration purposes)
2012, Beverly Shores, Indiana.  Todd Zieger, Indiana Landmarks, left; Bill Locke, Chicago Chapter Society of Architectural Historians
Please contribute to restoration efforts now underway with Indiana Landmarks.


with thanks to Allen Ginsberg singing:  'It's never too late to do nothin' at all."
...speaking of poetry...

Monday, February 27, 2017

Qualia, Irigaray, Stein, Shakira, Keck, Indiana Landmarks, etc.

Recent post 23 March 2017 from Essen 2017 Green Capitol of Europe

And then, much too much to be known and surmised about qualia aka experiences

Luce Irigaray
Wandering to the Source of the Intimate
"Another era of speech is opening. In which it lets itself put in question with a view to dialogue, dialogues. It is no longer only speech which allots to the subjects, from what is hidden in its interlacings, the task of realizing an appropriate denomination., giving to them and taking from them the word by a gesture alone."  on the next page, "The subject then accepts being unsheltered."

Near the end of her "The Way of Love"
"The light that someone radiates is not necessarily perceived as such by the one who gives it to be seen. Perhaps it grants the peace that whoever dwells in oneself experiences. And, with it, the joy. A proof that mortals are destined to light, but a light often visible through the effects rather than in itself. And which lights up the night while letting it rest in darkness"

also see her earlier, "Speculum of the other Woman"  much to consider, digest, act upon, humbly shrink from

Updated 14 April 2017 (be careful about the blood)
Vittorio Gallese, University of Parma, The Hand and the Architect: gesture and creative expression
"The ultimate meaning of any building is beyond architecture; it directs our consciousness back to the world and towards our own sense of self and being. Significant architecture makes us experience ourselves as complete embodied and spiritual beings."  2014
Neuroscience, mirror neurons, consciousness, building

Donna Summer, Hot 'the unsheltered' Stuff.

Then a link to her 2000 comments on housing in social context...the manner of human dwelling: how to live together without destroying selves.
(to irregular readers, some deep currents flowing with and between Fred and Lucy Keck, Mabel Phythian Tylecote, Bob Tague, Bill and Stella Keck, Catherine Bauer and William Wurster, FDR/Eleanor Roosevelt. aka how do people live?  how could people live? how should people live?)

    Remembered 17 February 17
"Midway through the journey of our life, I found myself within a dark wood. For the right way had been lost."  
Dante Alighieri

"The past is not dead; it's not even past."  Wm. Faulkner

Edith Stein
"The world I glimpse in fancy is a non-existing world because of its conflict with my primordial orientation. Nor do I need to bring this non-existence to givenness as I live in fancy. The world I glimpse empathically is an existing world, posited as having being like the world primordially perceived.  The perceived world and the world given empathically is the same world differently seen."

"Is it essentially necessary that the mind can only enter into exchange with mind through the medium of corporeality?
On the Problem of Empathy, 1917, 1970

Her time as a student and colleague of Husserl in Frieburg and her death in Auschwitz are insufficient brackets.

...if you're a twit-dict, you may have to switch devices(?) to scroll down to garden center pink flamingo short video here.  From February 2017, Mulheim an der Ruhr.

In the meantime.                                                                      Maria Callas, Bellini, Casta Diva
         Shakira, Te Dejo Madrid, Laundry Service
                                            Tiffany Holmes, SAIC,Chicago

Lenny Bruce at the Berkeley Law School, Bizarre/Straight Records, 1:18:46; origins of law (eat, sleep and crap), common sense, justice, obscenity, drugs, the Klan, LBJ, church and state, John F. Kennedy, men and women

and, not necessarily, Do Not Adjust Your Set or Match c/o Bonzo Dog Band interlude
                                                                                                                   (zombie mention at 8:50) 

A Neuroscientist explains: listener's emails about empathy - podcast
From the Guardian online, hosted by Dr. Daniel Glaser, 14 February 2017.  At least see the photo of the dog statue looking in a large mirror.  And imagine a caption. To tell your friends.  And another to tell your cat or peacock.
Other very recent posts: how we perceive the truth; the need for empathetic citizens; and, how music affects the brain. (each about thirty minutes)

John Prine and EmmyLou Harris (take a breath) doing Angel from Montgomery
March 11 to 17, 2017
What brings us together and separates us?  Shelters from the storms?
"In the kiva, Jared observed that the village men 'like your uncle, your maternal grandfather, your father' are charged with the duty of passing on knowledge about the Hopi world to youth that is often expressed through song: 'They give you a lesson about the song, the story behind the song…mostly (describing) nature – the clouds, the fields of corn, everybody being happy.' Sekaquaptewa (personal communication, May 25, 2004) confirmed this, 'the words [of social dance songs] paint images of a beautiful world, prosperity, with the rains bringing all of that so that people can feel good about seeing this image as something they all would want.' "
Becoming "fully" Hopi: in the contemporary lives of Hopi youth---A Hopi case study of language shift and vitality, Sheilah E. Nicholas, 2008, dissertation, University of Arizona

Interlacing some of these prominently are the obscured work of George Fred and Lucille Lieberman Keck.  Not in isolation and barely in preservation.  If possible, donate to Indiana Landmarks
re: House of Tomorrow, now awaiting restoration. (photos: Laukes, 2012)

Thanks to Josh and Zoe Kind. Here are some unexpurgated clips of Fred Keck and Josh Kind in conversation in the mid-1970s. 

b/w video interview; clip 1 of 6 
elapsed time; topic
0:30 Born in 1895 in Watertown, Wisconsin
1:00 New job to build a tree house in Spring Green, Wisconsin; reminded by Lucille L. Keck, that he had built three treehouses before he was twelve years old.  Full circle.
3:00 Building canoe in Watertown
3:30 Few people went to college 60 years ago. My father wanted to build a chain of furniture stores.
4:30 Company then using household wastes to produce fuel. History repeats itself.
5:40 Started in general engineering at Univ of Wisconsin for one year; transferred to Univ of Illinois
6:40 Into the Army, spent almost two years, one in France, then finished schooling
8:00 Self study
8:30 European Modernism not taught; didn’t know about Chicago school; known in Germany first with 1910 publication of FL Wright
10:30 Only Architectural Record published a few articles by the early 1920s
11:15 Juries were colonial architects, not interested in Modernism.  Just like today.
13:00 Resent (the new)
14:00 In early 1920s
15:00 Took night drawing classes at Art Institute; just celebrated 52nd wedding anniversary
16:20 Studied architectural engineering
17:00 Complete non-joiner
17:30 Opened own office in 1926 in Auditorium Building, 6th floor.
19:00 Worked for Burnham Brothers. Then Schmidt, Garden and Ericson.
20:30 Taught at University of Illinois for one year, then trip to Europe. Wife became ill.
22:00 Developed interest in Modernism during this period
23:00 Did not see architecture in France while in military service
24:00 We lived in Kenwood and Hyde Park
25:00 Hugh Garden and others, juice taken out of them
26:00 I start at 10:30 and go home at 3:00
b/w video interview;  clip 5 of 6
2:00 Howard Meyers. Editor, only after world War II that architectural magazines interested in modern design
3:25 Chicago World’s Fair helped bring in Art Deco during 1930s
5:40 Complete files because we stayed in same office
6:10 Designed small apartment building in Elmhurst in 1926
7:40 Have a reason for designs 
9:00 Miralago Ballroom, neon fountain
12:00 Pulling a fast one on Benjamin F. Bills, developer of Miralago
14:00 Burned down without fire departments
16:00 To rebuild Germany in 1920s worked as cheaply as possible. Gropius.
17:00 Schweikher, housing project, solar orientation, 1933 apartment house models
20:40 Cycle of building is slow
21:30 1933 Fair, showed movies in Transportation Building
22:00 House of Tomorrow, 1933
23:00 Crystal House, 1934
24:00 Green prefab house, 1945

b/w video interview (ex/including the Spanish Inquisition sketch {I'd like to be in program planning but unfortunately, I have a degree}): part 4 of 6
0:10 Furnishings from House of Tomorrow
1:45 Crystal House, Dymaxion Car
4:00 Bucky Fuller
5:40 Art exhibit with Archipenko, Katherine Kuh gallery
7:00 Commissions after Fair, BJ Kahn house, Lake Forest, later demodernized
8:20 Apartment building home on University Avenue, Hyde Park
10:50 Reputation as residential architect
12:00 Watercolors
12:25 Bringing Bauhaus to Chicago, Norma Staehle, Moholy-Nagy
16:40 Name changed to Institute of Design
18:00 van der Rohe coming to Chicago
19:40 Philip Johnson, International Style
21:40 Building permit for University Avenue home
23:20 Conservative architects in charge
24:00 Glass houses get hot, tried louvers
25:20 Blair House

Wisconsin Historical Society is posting previously unpublished photos of many Keck buildings.  More promised.
Follow this link and type Keck in the search box next to blue Go button. 

Semper ubi, sub ubi.   Perennial motto.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Green Essen and environs 2017

23 March 2017 Essen news bulletin:
Loose translation:  my green.

Previously updated 24 February 2017

Essen 2017 Green Capitol of Europe
Heimat Green
Green Apes app  (available free from app stores)

 Julia Kurtz and Dagmar Wolsing, Essen

Klima Werkstadt Essen
Managing over 130 ongoing projects with an emphasis on integrating technology, finance, government and pedagogy to improve knowledge and change behavior.

Updated 11 February 2017
SnowfallSurprise Sony

Local music (traditional):

Refer to Johann Gottfried von Herder on the importance of the local: specific to a place and time which includes language, law and custom. Not all Sturm und Drang. Einfühlung (empathy) as a volk feeling.  "What of us lies in the hearts of others is our truest and deepest self."

Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.
Read more at:
Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.
Read more at:
Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.
Read more at:
Update: 24.2.2017
North Rhineland Westphalia, Green on Pink link. Scroll to flamingos for :51

Musical interlude:

Speaking of custom...
Ruhr Triiinnelle festival of arts has adopted the motto Seid Umschlungen. (Landscaftspark Duisburg-Nord)
Held annually from late August through September in Essen, Bochum, Duisburg, Gladbeck etc.
From 2016

e-World, Energy and Water, Essen, Congress and Fair, 7-9 February 2017
See Energy App Award (finalists posted)

Wuppertal Institute for Klima, Environment and Energie (including sufficiency ideas)

Recycling at night, Essen

Klima Expo NRW
Ein besonderes Highlight des Zwischenpräsentationsjahres der KlimaExpo.NRW sind die NRW.KlimaTage2017 am 7. und 8. Juli 2017. Alle Klimaschutzprojekte und -akteure im ganzen Land sind eingeladen, zeitgleich ihre Türen für Besucher zu öffnen. So entsteht ein landesweit einzigartiges Format, das die dezentrale „Expo neuen Typs“ mit Leben füllt. Die NRW.KlimaTage2017 werden Angebote für Fachbesucher, Schüler und Studierende, Familien und sonstige interessierte Bürgerinnen und Bürger gleichermaßen enthalten.

NEW Blauhaus, Mönchengladbach
a building of our near future?

Solar Future Today interview, featuring John Perlin, author of several books including Let It Shine:  The 6000-Year Story of Solar Energy, 2013 New World Library

Update: 2.3.2017
IST 2016, Wuppertal,
an aftermath
"We bled inside each others wounds."
another aftermath:  Altamont

EU Commission Environment
See Solidarity Corps for young volunteers
Allows people to make a hands-on contribution in areas such as disaster relief, social integration, environmental protection and poverty reduction. The scheme is open to young people (17-30 years of age) and the registration tool is available in the 24 official languages of the EU.

Musical interlude

Rosa Luxemburg: Those who not move do not notice their chains.

Paper trail

Practice not-doing
and everything will fall into place.
                                       Tao Te Ching

Forced Entertainment (extends far beyond the ticket, 1999-2013, and now) 

Detailed commentary (pointedly brief):

Le Chagrin et la Pitié, updated to 2017 (search and conject)

Essen HBF, 12 September 2016

And for dissonant views:

Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University 
(built on a foundation of human slavery, a too familiar fate. but why is that relevant now? science changes by being objective now. who funds Duke now?)

Dan Simons, Selective Attention, University of Illinois,  land grant college
(built long, long ago on stolen Native American lands. ask Honest "free soil, free [white] labor" Abe. how many Native Americans are there today? any blindness there, friends? but science today has professional, self-regulating ethics. more than financial or political -- much stronger -- institutions?  we're honest. trust us. what, me worry? Click below for experiment.

...cinco minutos, Victor Jara


Some time when the river is ice
ask me mistakes I have made.
Ask me whether what I have done is my life.
Others have come in their slow way into my thought,
and some have tried to help or to hurt;
ask me what difference their strongest love or hate had made.
I will listen to what you say.
You and I can turn and look at the silent river and wait.
We know the current is there, hidden;
and there are comings and goings from miles away that hold
the stillness exactly before us.
What the river says, that is what I say.

-- William Stafford

speaking of listening and rivers 

post scriptus

mit all this talk about ecology, green this-and-that and sufficiency...where's the uber mensch or uber Frau?

shall Attila the None (Attila die Nien) wake from history and rampage peacefully? Or Frau Greta the Great and very Gerade.
Why not Attila the Freund? 2 squishy and 21st century and glossy?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Mönchengladbach, NEW Blauhaus. Rimini Protokol. Equal Justice Initiative.

NEW Blauhaus
Building experiment depending on engineering efficiencies, pv, computer controls, etc. in Mönchengladbach, NRW.
Informational explanations (partial) from Herr Marc Andre Muller (clip #10 in this album)
Looking forward to posting results from future seasons as they inhabit the building and learn how to "tune" or "navigate" in the senses of design with climate, adapt to climate, improve climate. Then, how/if to apply data to further designs and climates. Visited 13 September 2016

Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, Alabama
Memorial to peace and justice; defending death penalty convictions; lynching in America; children as children in "law and order" system; mass incarceration.
Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson, Random House (in paperback)

Rimini Protokol, based in Berlin
If you can participate in any of their art projects, do.
Situation Rooms is immersive but not in the 3-D video goggles way. (in German or English)
As of this posting, doing Truck Tracks Ruhr through March 2017.
Also in Amsterdam, München, Essen, New York, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in coming months.
(note to road crews:  stay healthy, balanced)  

Beyond GDP by European Commission on Environment
Looking into other measures such as happiness and well-being.  Includes Happiness Atlas Germany, 2016 and Happy City Index of nine largest cities in England.

Related links to European Solidarity Corps

Dublin, February 2003

Thursday, January 5, 2017


TransTechnology Research, University of Plymouth
...Their key objective is to understand the significance of creative agency in the process of technology acquiring meaning both before, and after, it enters into the public domain.

Marshall Sahlins
a you tube link: on historiography and consciousness, recorded 2014
His longer talks, anthropology and beyond, on you tube remind one of the near hypnotic state cast via Bucky Fuller's wizardry.